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If you hate cold hands you will love Sully's Softies

Sully’s Softies premium sweater mittens are some of the world’s warmest mittens.  They are made from recycled wool sweaters that are found at thrift stores, estate and garage sales and some are donated by “friends and fans” of Sully’s Softies. They are double lined for 3 layers of super-uber warmth.

Choosing SWEATERs

Repurposing is important to me.  As I walk through thrift stores and see the rows and rows of donated items, and realize there are even more items filling our landfills, it makes me sad.  Repurposing is one way I can make a difference. Not only do I use recycled sweaters, but I do my best to re-use buttons, suede and leather for my creations.  And though the linings are not recycled, most of the fleece used is remnants from fabric stores to keep waste to a minimum.

sweaters in thrift store

Only the best quality sweaters

I am picky about the sweaters that I choose.
Most are 100% wool and never less than 80%.


... After finding the perfect sweater.

Vintage Buttons for Mittens
Mitten supplies
Cutting mitten linings
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Felting & Sanitizing

Our carefully chosen sweaters are then felted.  Felting is what happens when you accidentally wash your wool sweater in hot water and it shrinks, except this is on purpose!  The fibers bind tightly so that the wool becomes more dense. This keeps our mittens wind, water and cold resistant.

When sweaters are washed, I use super hot water, both to help with the felting process, but also to sanitize.  Scent free, hypo-allergenic, laundry soap is used, so those with sensitivities can rest assure.

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I pride myself in hand picking the patterns, textures, colors and buttons that combine together to make the beautiful final product. Some mittens have been embellished with high quality machine embroidered designs, and some have suede or faux leather palms for a little extra gripping power.

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What sets Sully’s Softies apart from most others, is that all Sully’s Softies mittens are DOUBLE lined, one layer of polar fleece and an inner layer of crazy, super soft sherpa fleece.  This makes for 3 layers of trapped warmth to keep your hands toasty warm and a softness that some describe as Ugg’s for your hands.

These are all features that set Sully’s Softies mittens a part from others. These are truly premium sweater mittens that are handmade with love and repurposed with a purpose.

3 light blue wool baby hats

More than just Mittens!

Even though sweater mittens are our signature product, you will also find other handcrafted recycled wool creations.  Cashmere baby hats, pincushions, hand warmers will also make their way into the shop and are included at shows.


"These are the warmest mittens I’ve ever had.  And so CUTE!!! They are soft and cuddly inside!  I walk my dog twice a day for 30 minutes each time, no matter what the temperature.  These mittens are the only ones that keep my hands and fingers warm. LOVE THEM!!!"

- Cindy Foss

“This is the second pair I have purchased. I bought this pair as a gift because they are awesome, but I really want to keep them for myself - is that bad? The mittens are beautifully crafted and sooo warm!

- Paula Woleben

“I finally gave these to a friend and she was overwhelmed at their beauty and amazed with their warmth!  
The quality is unbeatable!!!
Get your own pair now!!!”

- Laurie

Sweater Mittens with embroidered cardinal design

Benefits Of Wool

Wool is a Natural Insulator

The fibers that compose wool clothing creates pockets of air, which leads to a natural form of insulation. When the weather is cold, wool clothing stays warm and when the temperature rises, it helps you to stay cool.

Wool is also

  •         Water and Wind Resistant
  •         100% Biodegradable
  •         Eco-friendly and Sustainable
  •         Easy to Clean
  •         Hypoallergenic
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Care Instructions

Friends wearing Sully's Softies mittens

How to take care of your Sully's Softies Mittens

So that your mittens stay looking good for years to come, try keeping them clean by wiping with a damp cloth in between washes.

When washing is required, it is recommended to hand wash or machine wash delicate in cold water.

Air dry in dryer or lay flat to dry.  Wool dries fast, but the lining make take a little longer.

Use a steam iron to reshape if needed. I feel a steam iron can make your Sully’s look as good as new!  Just stay away from embellishments like buttons and faux leather of course!